Koromiko House

Respite Service

Koromiko House is a community respite service which provides 24 hour support in a high standard, homelike environment on the North Shore of Auckland. Our service is centrally accessible for service users and family/whānau and provides short term intensive support for 7 people. We support our service users spiritually, mentally and physically and offer a variety of services to suit individual needs.

Assistance is given to help individuals manage their wellbeing and fulfil the goals of their stay in Respite for example:

  • Planned respite for service users who are experiencing changes to their mental wellbeing and who could benefit from short term recovery focused support and treatment to enhance wellbeing. Examples may include, re-establishing a sleep pattern or a daily routine or adapting to medication changes.
  • Planned respite which may reduce the length of stay in hospital for those people whose acute symptoms have resolved but who are still requiring some support before returning home or back to their community setting.
  • Planned respite for people who require immediate intensive support to prevent hospital admission.

Who is eligible?

Service users under the clinical care of a Waitematā Adult Mental Health Team and who meet Te Whatu Ora Waitematā inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Service users who have agreed to admission.

Service users who have been identified as requiring short term intensive support.

How to access this service

Access to the Respite Service is through direct referral from North shore and Rodney Mental Health Teams.

For more information about whether Respite is suitable for you, please speak directly to your Keyworker. This service is not available through GP or self referral.

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