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Equip is a leading mental health organisation, an extension of Windsor Park Church, providing an innovative model of care, effective support and education in the greater Auckland region.

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Reach out to one of our friendly team and let’s see how we can bring lasting help.

Community Support Hours

An intensive and flexible mobile support service for adults aged 18 years and over who experience mental illness

Adults 65+

Our Adults 65+ Community Support Service is an intensive and flexible mobile support service for aged 65 and over who experience mental illness.

Koromiko House

Koromiko House is a community respite service which provides 24 hour support in a high standard, homelike environment on the North Shore of Auckland.

Dietician Services

Provide support around weight management as well as advice on eating well and affordable on a tight budget.

Tōtara club

The Tōtara Club is a community dementia day care service. It provides interactive day care for people diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia. Each club member has an individualised programme to meet their specific strengths and needs. The Tōtara Club also supports the family/whānau of people with dementia.

Whānau support

Do you support someone who experiences major mental illness? Would you like to receive support for yourself, through meeting with others in a similar situation such as yours?
Family/Whānau Support is being offered to the families whānau of individuals who experience mental illness.

Terry’s Story

“Equip visits have built up my confidence again.”

“I look forward to my Community Support Worker (CSW)’s visits and the company. More often than not, we have had fine weather to go out and sit in the park. This has built up my confidence to get out and back into the community once more.”

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