How We Help

Equip provides a range of services that help people who experience mental health issues. We can provide varying amounts of support, and in most cases, our service can come to you.
Our Team Support Approach

We work as a team to support you, helping you maintain what is already working in your life.

In addition we provide support to achieve your goals, celebrate your successes whilst making barriers easier to get around.

Evidence Based Practice

We are committed to using evidence based practices and all staff are trained and supervised in the use of the tools of Professor Charles Rapp’s Strengths Model.

Flexible Access to What You Need

In most of the services the hours of support can be flexible and adjusted from week to week. Our team will work with you to access essential resources within your community to increase your opportunities and choices.

Collaborative Approach

Support Workers collaborate closely with a clinical key worker and / or whānau family where appropriate. Recovery, hope and an improved quality of life are more likely to occur when services and people who use them, work together.

Responsive Assessments

We regularly collate and review outcomes of the work that is being done and adjust the way we support people in response to this feedback from people and their families using the service.

Extra Services We Offer

Dietitian Support

Equip has a registered Dietitian who is available to meet with you to help with managing weight and eating well on a limited budget.

Housing Facilitator

We have a designated Housing Facilitator who assists people to find and secure private and affordable accommodation.

Spirituality Co-ordinator

Get assistance with finding a spiritual home in the community of your choice and explore your own spirituality.
Kevin’s Story

“Kevin’s family love having him closer to them again.”

When Kevin first came to Equip he didn’t really have any social contacts and this wasn’t helped by him having no phone or means of communication. Kevin’s first goal was to get a cell phone which he has now and is used to keep in contact with his family.

Substituted image and name used to protect ‘Kevin’s’ identity.

Community Support Hours

An intensive and flexible mobile support service for adults aged 18 years and over who experience mental illness

Adults 65+

Our Adults 65+ Community Support Service is an intensive and flexible mobile support service for aged 65 and over who experience mental illness.

Koromiko House

Koromiko House is a community respite service which provides 24 hour support in a high standard, homelike environment on the North Shore of Auckland.

Dietician Services

Provide support around weight management as well as advice on eating well and affordable on a tight budget.

Tōtara club

The Tōtara Club is a community dementia day care service. It provides interactive day care for people diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia. Each club member has an individualised programme to meet their specific strengths and needs. The Tōtara Club also supports the family/whānau of people with dementia.

Whānau support

Do you support someone who experiences major mental illness? Would you like to receive support for yourself, through meeting with others in a similar situation such as yours?
Family Whānau Support is being offered to the families whānau of individuals who experience mental illness.

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