We Believe

Our Mission

Sustainable solutions for healthy living

Our Vision

Supporting people to grow by providing high quality services that meet needs and exceed expectations

Our Values

We put our faith into action

• We are a Christian response to need in our community. We are not here to judge, we are here to help.
• We will always do what we can to address people’s needs and provide the momentum for them to move forward in their lives.
• This is more than a job. As a team, we are driven by a deep commitment to Christian faith and values. I am committed to doing my part.

If we can say ‘yes’ we will

• We look for solutions not problems. We have a ‘can do’ attitude.
• When we have to say ‘no’, we will do it respectfully.
• We are team players. We serve with openness and positivity.

Our people matter

• At Equip, we are each part of a bigger picture. We value other roles as much as our own.
• We will do everything we can to raise each other up to achieve outcomes greater than any of us can imagine.
• We will treat each other well and share the load. • We work through issues face to face and, when necessary, get support from our leaders. I will do my part to build a team culture that is inclusive, safe and positive.

Our Affiliation

Equip is an active part of the Windsor Park Baptist community and shares its aims and objectives.